NCSA X mosaic & ISMAP problem; ISMAP example fixed.

Frans van Hoesel (
Tue, 11 Oct 1994 22:06:52 +0100


there was some discussion about ismap and text only browser, and I gave
the example of expo (the palace of split exhibit, spalato at
and said that I would improve things by a more alt tag, I hope people
are satisfied with it now.

HOWEVER, at the same time I discovered something that might be called a bug
in x mosaic: when I have delayed image on, and click on the arrow part in
the 'delayed image' x mosaic will happely follow the link and send the mouse
coordinates, which are ofcourse completely useless. In fact it should
act as text browsers do, and not send the coordinates.

I know I should email this directly to NCSA, but still I don;t think they
read it (at least I got no response on a fix for broken code. It has been
fixed a long long time ago, but still the code is broken, most promenently
shown when using mosaic with fish search; thanks to the fish-search people
finding this again) (I mailed them recently with no response)