Re: File upload in HTML forms

Ernesto Nebel (
Wed, 12 Oct 1994 00:05:13 +0100

> > * On the client end, support a FORM field which can accept input of
> > arbitrary MIME content (not just text/plain from the keyboard). The
> > most natural way would be to upgrade the behavior of TEXTAREA.
> It would be useful if you could be more specific. For example, how
> would you put a 100MB binary image file into the upgraded TEXTAREA?
> Please explain the behavior of the upgraded TEXTAREA in more detail.


I just thought of another appearent problem with the upgraded TEXTAREA. What if the user wants to send multiple 100MB binary image files? How would the user put 10 or 20 of them into an upgraded TEXTAREA? Does the server have to decide for the user exactly how many files the user can send to the server?