Re: BASE interpretation
Wed, 12 Oct 1994 20:24:28 +0100

John Franks writes:
> In article <>, you write:
> >
> > These and other issues are documented in the Internet-Draft at
> >
> >
> While we're on the subject of relative URLs I would like to know if they
> are allowed in HTTP redirects. I have not found a browser (though I
> haven't tested a lot) which allows a relative URL with a "302 Found" or
> "301 Moved" response from a server. This seems wrong to me, but the fact
> that no one seems to support it makes me feel like the only one in the
> band marching in step. What's the story?

Emacs-w3 supports relative links in a redirect, but only because the spec
was unclear about whether it should be a full URL or not.

From taking a quick peruse through the AIR Mosaic source, it appears that
it will work with relative links in a redirect also, but I can't double
check it right now, since the NCSA server won't allow you to put a
non-fully specified URL in a 'Redirect' statement in the srm.conf file.

-Bill P