Full-text indexing for WWW conference avail.

Nick Arnett (narnett@verity.com)
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 01:32:25 +0100


Forgive me if this is too promotional for this list (I hope it isn't).
Like many of you, I expect, we'll have a table at the Web conference in
Chicago, showing our technology. We have a spider that can index Web
sites, then our server can make that index available via the Web.

I'd be willing to run the spider against a few sites over the next couple
of days to build full-text indexes for people to use during the conference.
We'll put the indexes on one of our servers here at Verity; you'll be able
to search your site here -- the results list will point to the documents on
your server.

I can't make any guarantees about this. I don't expect any problems, but
this is a technology demo and all of the usual disclaimers apply. And if a
whole bunch of people want it, I'll have to pick just a few. I also can't
guarantee that I can keep the indexes updated after next week, but if they
make a good demo, we'll see what we can do.

If you're interested, please send me e-mail. Our spider is quite simple at
the moment. All I'll need is a starting URL. The spider will index all
documents linked to it, recursively, as long as they're below the starting
point in the file structure (this allows us to index just a portion of a
server, based on how you arranged the file structure in addition to the
hypertext links).

The spider will hit your server fairly hard. We have a real-time indexing
engine and a T-1...


Verity Inc.