Problems loading Images ("")
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 02:43:10 +0100

I have been trying to write a "home page" but am having trouble with getting
the images to load. I am sure that I have the right tools, but have been
unable to find FAQ on dotting i's and crossing t's.
ColorOne Scanner
Photo Shop
MacMosaic 2.0.0 Alpha 6
PowerMac 8100av
GIF Converter

Can anyone tell me details of the configuration (of Mosaic, JPEGViewer (if
needed), GIF Converter, Photoshop, etc.) and proceedures to get an image to
load into my "home page"? I use <IMG SRC="IMAGE NAME.GIF">, but still have
I scan @ 72dpi, 24bit color, conver in photoshop to indexed 8 bit save as
Compuserve GIF (NAME.GIF) and have it in the same folder as my HTML document.
I would appreciate any assistance, and hope I haven't asked something too basic.

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