Re: No Nasty Robots! [Was: Full-text indexing for WWW conference

Martijn Koster (
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 10:16:12 +0100

Nick Arnett wrote:

| If you're interested, please send me e-mail. Our spider is quite simple at
| the moment.

| The spider will hit your server fairly hard. We have a real-time indexing
| engine and a T-1...

Groan -- Of course I agree with Roy Fielding, although I appreciate Nick
asks for a bilateral agreement beforehand.

And Dan Connolly wrote:

> When we at HaL built our CD ROM of abstracts of 10,000 web documents
> (with links to the documents themselves, with our OLIAS browser on the
> CD-ROM.. ask for details), we implemented a "spider" that
> visited the various sites in an order such that no site was visited
> more than once per minute.

As always I'd like to know any details about any new spiders that go
around. What machine do they come from, what User-agent etc... at
least the net.folk will know what's going on then.

> Vince consulted the published guidelines[1], I believe. You will not
> please the net.folk if you blatantly disregard them.
> Dan
> [1] "Guidelines for Robot Writers"
> Martijn Koster


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