Re: File upload in HTML forms

Craig Milo Rogers (rogers@ISI.EDU)
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 22:28:36 +0100

>The ability in (6) to determine whether there is space available for the
>upcoming files depends on either the ability to preallocate the space for
>the files or unreliable heuristics (as predicting available disk space
>should be at least NP-hard if not NP-complete).

Let me cast this is a more favorable light. Suppose you have
user validation running (through the server, or throught th form).
You may well want to have per-user limits on dik storage; or, you may
simply be short of disk space. It would be nice to inform the user of
these facts *before* the start of a 200 Mbytes transfer --
particularly when someone is paying per byte or packet transfered.

Rough prediction of available space is not hard. Frequently,
rough predictions are all you need for a production system.

Craig Milo Rogers