Michael A. Dolan (miked@CERF.NET)
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 02:45:29 +0100

At 12:34 AM 10/13/94 +0100, Borre Ludvigsen wrote:
>file:// and "localhost" are obviously workable for using web-clients as
>from-ends for CD-ROM archives, but what about scripts for searches and the
>like? I'm told that running a server and client on the same machine just
>won't move. Besides, it defeats multiplatform portability of the CD. Any
>ideas on how to implement multiplatform scripting in a serverless local
>environment? (We're doing a fairly extensive multimedia archive of
>industrial archaeology which we want to distribute both on net and
>CD-ROM, making the HTML format obvious, but we lose a lot of
>functionality when we lose the server.)

Seems like it would depend on obtaining a multi-platform client that did
what you needed.

What server functions are desirable in such a local system - caching and
scripting ? Are there others of interest ?

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