Re: File upload in HTML forms

Paul Burchard (
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 03:39:40 +0100

Craig Milo Rogers <rogers@ISI.EDU> writes:
> Let me cast this is a more favorable light. Suppose you
> have user validation running (through the server, or
> throught th form). You may well want to have per-user
> limits on dik storage; or, you may simply be short of disk
> space. It would be nice to inform the user of these facts
> *before* the start of a 200 Mbytes transfer --
> particularly when someone is paying per byte or packet
> transfered.

Great -- but in that case, why wait until the submission has started
to impart that information? Why not simply include current
information on resource limits right on the FORM itself? It would be
nice for the user to know this *before* putting a lot of time and
work into creating and gathering the files for submission -- only to
find out "Sorry, submitted files would exceed resource limits!" after
the button is pressed.

No, I'm afraid this would not be a point in favor of the proposal's
elaborate transaction model.

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