Form URL format

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Fri, 14 Oct 1994 04:26:44 +0100

Hello All,
A friend of mine and I are writing a WWW browser. We are wondering what the
browser sends to the http server when the submit button is pressed for a form?

I personally have worked with processing forms as cgi-bin scripts using method
POST. And I know that certain variables are set (CONTENT_LENGTH,REQUEST_METHOD,
etc...) and that the variables from the form are passed to the processing
program through standard input as var=value pairs.

The question is, who sets the CONTENT_LENGTH variables? The browser or the
server? Also, how does the browser format the var=value pairs to send to the
http server.

My guess was that it would look like this:

But that doesn't seem to work when I just type it in as a URL to open.

Any help would be appreciated, especially RTFM type comments, as long as the
FM's URL is specified.

Thanx in advance.

Dave Anderson.

PS: I have read a lot of HTML and http docs on the net, but have not found what
I need...