Re: File upload in HTML forms

Fisher Mark (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 13:03:05 +0100

Larry Masinter writes in <>:
>(8) isn't necessarily done by the browser, but by a 'helper'
>application that can deal with the file upload request. The browser
>doesn't send them to the *same* CGI script, but rather sends back a
>set of transfer requests.
Which requires no state, no connection, and no changes to HTTP. I think I
have even seen on the list mention of similar "multiple sequential script"
schemes in other contexts. The osmotic pressure of a new idea must not have
been quite enough to penetrate my thick skull last week :)...

So -- what say you, browser writers? This capability is a powerful
extension of the Web. But it needs to be: a) added to HTML; and b) coded
into a browser. Any takers?
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