prob w/ netscape news reading
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 23:54:15 +0100

Hello all --
There is one small problem with Netscapes implementation of news reading &
dealing with the .newsrc.

Other peoples forms can mess with your .newsrc. Wow. I can't believe that
mcom did this.

Take a look at the source on the subscribed newsgroups page. Now save
that source & hand it to your httpd. Now watch the served document do
your .newsrc funny.


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customers. Please fill out the following form:
<DT><INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME="SUBSCRIBE" VALUE=""> (95) I am cool.
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<INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Tell me about yourself.">

Any one else think this is a bit of a prob??

Matthew Pease

ps. Marc -- do you guys have any jobs opening up soon :-)