Re: Netscape v NCSA, Progress?

Dave Crocker (
Tue, 18 Oct 1994 02:28:56 +0100

At 5:53 PM 10/17/94, Robert Raisch wrote:
>Seriously though, I see a real danger here. By adding functionality in
>the absence of industry participation, MCC is driving the balkanization

yup. that's the danger.

>Then, I looked at the HTML extensions and was VERY surprised. I was
>surprised to see additions to a defacto standard that had never been
>discussed in any forum, to the best of my knowledge -- a half-step

companies often have to do that, to meet market schedules.

The test is whether they THEN are willing to submit to community review AND
MODIFICATION. And this must be done in an open forum, such as an open
standards group. (I'm biased towards the IETF, but choose any one that is
open and effective.)

Otherwise, the spec is merely a public presentation of a private spec,
under strict vendor control.


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