Re: Netscape v NCSA, Progress?

Tue, 18 Oct 1994 07:35:09 +0100

You know, mcom has just released a kicking browser to the web community for
FREE. A good application doesn't just appear out of nowhere. It takes time,
effort, and money. Yeah, yeah, I know we all could have put together a
beautiful browser that's twice as good as Mozilla if we only had the
money/time/inclination. But we didn't and they did and they released it for

I think its reasonable for mcom to claim as payment control over the
protocols used by Netscape. The fact of the matter is that mcom would
be perfectly justified in setting the standards de facto, and using
this control to take over the commercial web server business.

Everybody here ought to be thanking them for NOT taking that attitude,
and for being nice about it.

Its not showing up at standard setting meetings that entitles you
to set standards, its writing code that implements them.