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Wed, 19 Oct 1994 00:18:53 +0100

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> > Could anybody please explain to me briefly and like
> > I don't know anything about HTML in what way the <BASE> element works?
> As I understand it the <base> element is used to specify the URL of the
> document it occurs in. This allows it's "real" location to be found when
> the document is read out of context. Any partial URLs are read within
> the document are read relative to this URL.

I have been using it (with mixed success) in CGI scripts which need
to reference files (usually inline images) in the context from which
they were referenced. That means that they get passed a URL which
they use as their <base>.

I say with mixed success because some viewers (NCSA PC viewers and
I think MacWeb) don't seem to work properly with this. It also
means that if you do a reload you don't get what you expect.

Does anyone have any other thoughts on dealing with this kind of

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