Re: Format Negociation in Practice [Was: Versioning HTML at the server]

Daneel Pang Swee Chee (
Wed, 19 Oct 1994 02:56:21 +0100

:)Earl Hood said:
:) Here's somethings off the top of my head; I'm still not sure if
:) it is 'good' SGML, but SGML seems not to handle dynamic conditions
:) in a clean way:
I don't see why SGML can't "handle" it??
Pls explain what would be "handling dynamic conditions in a clean way?"
I may be confused. SGML, at least I think, doesn't restrict the
interpretation of the items that I know of, which is why HyTime can build
on it.

:) 1. Marked Sections
:) -------------------
[.. desc deleted ..]
I think a single "level" is insufficient, since some may be able to
handle the "capability" of a graphic display but not "tables" but vice
versa. It seems to me you're after a list of items and the support is
an indication of which of these items is or is not in the client.
Perhaps it would be helpful if one can define the set of capabilities
and the basic requirements, as well as the "alternative" -- example,
"label in place of graphics as follows" so that either the server or the
client has a means of handling the "out condition"

:) 2. Processing instructions
:) ---------------------------
[.. desc deleted ..]
I agree this is ugly... but it may be because of the phrasing then the

:) 3. New HTML elements
:) ---------------------
[.. desc deleted ..]
This is much closer to what I would like to see happen.
But perhaps the *server* could negotiate and decide on some aspect of
*what* to send before that, that would definitely speed things up.
I would suggest some form of client-server negotiation prior to delivery
so that the client and server are doing some of the job and allowing the
best use of net and system.

:) 4. The CONCUR construct
:) ------------------------
[.. desc deleted ..]
I'd say: Keep away from CONCUR. I got this advice from quite a few
SGML experts (for real).

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