Re: Netscape, HTML, and Designers

Gavin Nicol (
Wed, 19 Oct 1994 05:00:43 +0100

>And , as a designer, I am _not_ merely trying to leave my fingerprints all
>over a document for ego reasons. Designers have a role to play in the
>presentation of information, and I think the decisions I make regarding a
>layout do enhance to flow of information from author to consumer. More
>importantly, my clients think so to. And they want to know that what I've
>designed for them will be presented in a consistant way that makes them
>look good.

Yes, graphics desing is *very* important. Raw information is almost
useless (except for analysis by programs). I remember the days when I
used to look at hex dumps, before I got a disassembler...

>Having said that, it's clear to me (and probably everyone else on www-talk)
>that HTML is not, and should not become, a language for doing page layout.

Correct. Layout can be accomplished with stylesheets.