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Thu, 20 Oct 1994 17:04:08 +0100

recvfrom: connection refused


From: (Steve Kann)
Subject: recvfrom: connection refused
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 02:08:50 -0400 (EDT)

I have been having this "problem" for (at least) as long as I've been using
slackware 1.2 based Linux systems, and I guess I've finally got to the
point where I can't look for the error any more, and it is really
getting to me..

These are the most common, I get hundreds of these each day:
Aug 9 18:58:30 gary named[20268]: recvfrom: Connection refused
Aug 9 18:58:57 gary named[20268]: recvfrom: Connection refused
Aug 9 18:59:02 gary named[20268]: recvfrom: Connection refused

But I also get messages like this from most udp based services:
Oct 4 18:48:43 gary talkd[13803]: recv: Connection refused
Oct 11 15:17:55 mach25 syslogd: recvfrom inet: Connection refused

(mach25 is a machine that logs to gary).

What causes this? it doesn't seem to cause anything not to work, but,
1) it fills up my logs so that I can't see real problems.
2) it might mean that things are having to retry.

this happens on all kernels from .99.x to 1.1.52 or so, and happens on
my ethernet connected machines at school, and my ppp-connected machine
here at home.

Anyone know how to resolve this?


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