Re: Linux-Activists - NET Channel digest. 94-9-19-17:10
Thu, 20 Oct 1994 19:01:45 +0100

I have the exact same problem. To solve it, I basically had to
constantly ping my DNS server. I'm using Linux 1.1.18 w/3c503.
If I don't constantly ping, the Web server is unavailable after
a day or so. Crude, but effective. I didn't have the time to
find the reason, just enough to solve the problem. Please let me
know if someone replies to you with an answer and or patch. Thanks.

Andre' Doles
Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command HQ

3c503 goes weird when promiscuous


From: Bruno Van Wilder <>
Subject: 3c503 goes weird when promiscuous
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 1994 16:46:28 +0100 (MET)


I am tcpdumping a busy net with a Linux box (486/66) and a 3c503 card.
>From time to time, tcpdump goes to sleep waiting for a packet and doesn't
wake up anymore (Yes, I am _quite_ sure there are still packets passing
on the cable). I can kick it back to life with e.g. an outbound ping
(btw, I can't reach my machine from outside at that moment), a 'netstat',
a 'cat /proc/dev/whatever', ... It looks like I just have to kick the
kernel somewhere around the network code. At some of these stops, the
interface leaves promiscuous mode (although ifconfig doesn't say that),
and I get a 'Transmit timeout (TXstatus 0x40, ISR 0x0); Network cable
problem ?' in /var/adm/debug.
I already tried with kernels 1.0.9, 1.1.52, 1.1.54.
Has anybody got a clue what goes on ?
Thanks in advance !

Bruno Van Wilder
University of Ghent, Flanders / Belgium
Internet : Bruno.VanWilder@Rug.Ac.Be


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