What's the standard for non-standard extensions?

Dave Glazer (dglazer@verity.com)
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 20:06:24 +0100

I think you want to use the <META> tag. Quoting from the October 13, 1994
draft version of the HTML 2.0 spec:

The META element is used within the head element to embed document
meta-information not defined by other HTML elements. Such information can
be extracted by servers/clients for use in identifying, indexing, and
cataloging specialized document meta-information.

e.g. <META NAME="IndexType" content="Service">

However, as currently defined you can't use these tags in the BODY, which
sounds like it might be important to you.

Hope that helps,

Kee Hinckley writes:
> I'm generating pages in which I want to store meta information of
> interest to my HTML editing tools and to some of my server applications.
> I currently do something like:
> <!-- metainfo --> html code <!- /metainfo -->
> That obviously works, but is it necessary?
> Is it legit for me to do something like this?
> <UImetainfo> html code </UImetainfo>