Re: CENTER element [Was: Netscape & New HTML]

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 21:41:11 +0100

In message <>, Joe English writes:
>In comp.infosystems.www.misc,
>in article <>,
> (Marc Andreessen) wrote:
> That a CENTER element (described below) be added to
> the next revision of the HTML standard.
> CENTER implies a line break before and after the element.
> None. Existing browsers can safely ignore the CENTER
> start- and end- tags; the resulting display will
> still be a correct rendering of the document content.

This looks contradictory to me.

If a body writes:

<h1> here's some stuff</h1>
<p> normal para
<center> centered text</center>

then today's browsers will blur the "centered text" with the "normal

So it appears that <center> does have impact on existing browsers.
Deploying new block level elements is somewhat problematic.

Given that, the DIV or DIVISION element seems like a better idea.

Gee... this looks more and more like SDL all the time. I suppose
that's inevitable.