Re: Network Abuse by Netscape? -- Was: Mosaic replacements, etc...

Steinar Bang (
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 17:44:40 +0100

>>>>> In article <>, Brian Behlendorf <> writes:

>> What Netscape has done, in a sense, is to abrogate its responsibilities
>> for efficient behavior at the expense of the network at large and those
>> who choose to operate http servers.

> Well actually, one thing I think they've done is demonstrate a fundamental
> weakness in the HTTP/inline image model. One solution that is in line
> with the talk here and on the HTTP working group list is that servers
> could combine their documents and inline images into a MIME document,
> multiplexing the elements into fixed-size chunks of something small like
> 2Kbytes apiece or something.

The problem with this solution is that I don't see any way to allow
for client side image caching.

- Steinar


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