html HEAD and current html spec ("")
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 22:47:55 +0100

What is genereal status og the HEAD element in HTML, most
implementations that I have seen do nothing with it? I assume people
are planning on using it. Can any one fill me in better on this? I
recall some discussion on this a while ago but it slipped into my bit
bucket :(

also where can I get a relavant set of HTML specs and HTTP specs
I have read the older internet drafts from Tim Berners-Lee but these
seem pretty old and outdated ( no offense meant ). I know there must
be some drafts for HTML+/ HTML2.0 or even HTML3.0.

Ditto for HTTP

Most of the definitions are pretty vague in the old
expired internet drafts. Do I just have read ALL the source code from
ALL the client/servers to get the definative usage, unfortunately
I've already done that :( AACK ).

I am trying to create some apps and I don't want to step on existing
potential capabilities hidden in the spec ( or code if thats the
definative standard )

where the docs? ( kinda like wheres the beef :)

thanks in advance
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