Re: URL syntax question

Tony Sanders (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 10:53:02 +0100

Marcelo Magallon writes:
> Mosaic seems to understand that this is
> but Lynx 2.2 gives

The URL should have the trailing slash. Given the above I would say that
both browsers are broken. The algorithim is supposed to be "deleted back
to the last slash then add the partial URL".

So "" + "HTML/html_primer.html" should become
"" (note that ~mmagallo gets
dropped). At least that is my understanding.

Think about it like this, "" is *really*
supposed to be like "" (maybe
yours isn't called index.html or maybe it's generated on the fly, doesn't
matter--this is just an explination of how and why).

Some servers will reject access to a directory without a trailing
slash (they issue a redirect the client to correct it). But, in
general, a directory access should have a trailing slash.