Re: Unicode and HTML

Christian L. Mogensen (mogens@CS.Stanford.EDU)
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 14:11:57 +0100

As I understood it both sides were right. :-)

LANGUAGE markup was important and an orthogonal issue to
charset marks.

So you could write: (wrong syntax but you get the idea)
<LANGUAGE FRENCH> Sacr&eacute; bleu!</LANGUAGE>
is a french exclamation.

The character set is the same, but the languages are different.

Similarly, charset markup is important. This was not
completely resolved as far as I remember.



where Zevs would be the bytes rendered in the appropriate
greek character set. Knowing the semantic nugget: this is in Greek
is a bonus, but not required for character sets to be marked.

Christian "feel free to correct this vague recollection"