Re: Versioning HTML at the server and Accept-inline

Marc VanHeyningen (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 19:06:36 +0100

Chris Wilson writes:
> Tony Sanders writes:
> >Kee Hinckley writes:
> >> o Accept-inline:
> >No need. The browser should simply send the appropriate standard Accept:
> >headers when it requests the inline data.
> Not true. Take, for example, the instance where I have an external viewer
> for Targa images, but my browser can't handle them internally (or I don't
> want it to, since Targa images tend to be large - perhaps I only want to
> allow GIFs.)

Yes, but your browser knows prior to making the request whether or not it
intends to display the result inline or externally, and can generate
different Accept: headers appropriately.

(Conversely, if you use Accept-inline, how the heck is the server supposed
to know whether you're fetching the given object as an inline or an external