Re: NetScape...)

Karl Auerbach (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 21:20:55 +0100

> Folks are complaining about NetScape opening multiple sockets at once.
> >From a UI perspective, you can't be faulted with trying to display the
> most material in the fastest possible time.
> The Miss Manners approach to network programming dictates, however, that
> a single application not go about hogging resources (like sockets,
> bandwidth, etc...) to accomplish this.

I'm not disagreeing with your comments... my own feeling, however, is
that in terms of the overhead imposed on servers, the number of
simultaneous requests is a smaller issue than the effective use (and
re-use) of transport connections.

Commenting in response to the folks who say that a server reaches
steady state whether the clients are single-connection or
parallal-connection: I agree with the note that with faster user
response, the user may read more pages over a given period of time.
This will increase the steady state load by some amount. (My feeling
is that it would be less than 25% for a population of serious
browsers, and a higher percentage for a population of wild surfers)