Re: Versioning HTML at the server and Accept-inline

Tony Sanders (
Fri, 28 Oct 1994 05:47:52 +0100 writes:
> >> Tony Sanders writes:
> >> >No need. The browser should simply send the appropriate standard Accept:
> >> >headers when it requests the inline data.
> No, you don't need to send a bug report to Spry. AIR Mosaic does indeed only
> send Accept: headers for the inline image types (currently only image/gif and
> image/xbm) that it knows how to handle. :^) However, this does NOT solve
> the problem in the long run. What happens when we move to a system that
> requests the document _AND_ its components (e.g. inline images) via either an
> MGET or a smart server with multipart MIME handling? At that point, we are

Whatever scheme people use better support having different Accept: headers
(and other headers as well) associated with different parts of the request
or else they will have broken the entire system. This goes far beyond
just inline images.