Re: Netscape, HTML, and Designers

CyberWeb (web@sowebo.CHARM.NET)
Fri, 28 Oct 1994 13:57:30 +0100 wrote:
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> In article <> you write:
> |>Look in the app-defualts file for Mozilla; it tells you not to change the fonts
> |>because then pages will not look right. It won't let you alter the background
> |>colour from grey because, as it says in the FAQ, many pages assume a grey
> |>background (!!)
> Something that prevents me from using it.
Me2. I tried several ways to get rid of that grey background, and
could change the color of everything *but* that. I thought I just
wasn't smart enough.. I can't believe anyone would not realize how
tiring it can be to read black text on a grey background.

I also cannot believe that they force me to peer closely at the
screen because the largest font they allow me is still smaller than
the default one in X Mosaic. My eyesight is not perfect - I'm a
little short-sighted (optically :^) - but then I'm not grossly
different from many other people..

The comments in the app-defaults file show too much arrogance:
"I know what's best for you.." (in effect). NO! NO! NO!
As an information provider I fully realize how desirable it is
to have some presentation control. But dictatorship is not it.
A small black font on a grey background is hard for me to read.

I've sent a note about this to MCC, some time ago. No response.
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