Finding WWW specs, docs,..

CyberWeb (web@sowebo.CHARM.NET)
Mon, 31 Oct 1994 15:58:07 +0100 wrote:
> I've seen the HTML+ spec at, but I keep hearing about HTML
> 2 and HTML 3 specs. Can someone tell me where these are kept? Thanks.
And I keep seeing this question pop up in these groups.. let me
try again to offer some help - now the mailer is working again???

The Virtual Library has a section on WWW Development, which I
maintain. The HTML documents that I'm aware of are linked to from and

The index section is at and there's
the beginnings of a tutorial view at

I hope that they are well-organised and reasonably complete, but
I'm just an imperfect limited human, so if you spot any errors or
omissions, or can suggest any improvements, please let me know!!

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