Re: An MGET proposal for HTTP

Marc VanHeyningen (
Mon, 31 Oct 1994 23:41:45 +0100

Thus wrote: ts
> Actually this script check only "image/gif" and send a clickable map
>(ISMAP). It don't check "*/*" (or "*") because all browsers (I think) send
>this Accept type and I don't want send a GIF image to see the magic word
>"<IMAGE>" and can't use it.

Why not use an ALT tag?

This is an excellent example of how we do NOT want to see HTTP
progressing, such that clients say things they don't really mean and
servers try to read clients' minds. A client should not send */*
unless it really means it, and a server should take it at face value.
This is supposed to be data transfer, not artificial intelligence.

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