Server Selection?

Laurence I. Press (
Wed, 2 Nov 1994 06:09:39 +0100


I am interested in the question of selecting a server platform.

For example, are these guesses correct:

unix gets the earliest ports of new server software (are some
unices more desirable than others)?

unix server software is least prone to crashes

unix server software has more features

unix has the most development tools

Macintosh server software is easiest to install

Macintosh has the easiest to use development tools

Windows server hardware is cheapest when disk space is taken into account

Windows server software is most crash prone

the size of the Windows market may cause servers and tools to
improve significantly by the time Windows95 is out

Windows has the most development tools

What are the important differences? Are there classes of user
and application for which unix is a must? For whom a Mac or
Windows is the best choice?

Larry Press