Re: CENTER element [Was: Netscape & New HTML]

Robert Raisch (
Wed, 2 Nov 1994 07:01:45 +0100

You know? I would think developers would be balking the most at the
extensions that MCOM has injected for the simple reason that every
browser will now have to support CENTER, FONT, etc. **AS WELL AS** the
accepted standard mechanisms -- to make sure that all documents are
displayed optimally.

When we have style-sheets (REAL SOON NOW), we now have to support two
seperate methods of achieving the same goals, without any consideration
whatsoever for the complexity this represents to the developer or even if
it is possible.

Has MCOM killed the possibility of supporting stylesheets in any useful and
rational way? What is the impact of

H1: orient=right, ff=times_roman, size=24p, fore=blue


<CENTER><H1>Header Text</H1></CENTER>