Re: CENTER element [Was: Netscape & New HTML]

Joe English (
Wed, 2 Nov 1994 23:21:25 +0100

Steinar Bang <>

> >>>>> On Wed, 2 Nov 1994 08:20:44 +0100, Paul Phillips <psphilli@sdcc8.UCSD.E
> DU> said:
> > MCOM has already stated the reasons for including <CENTER> without
> Hmm,... I don't remember. What were these reasons, other than the
> standardization process moving too slowly compared to their market
> requirements.

<CENTER> was for situations were you want to center
a large section of the document instead of individual
pieces. Sticking 'align=center' on every element
in a document gets tedious, and HTML doesn't (yet) have
a general-purpose SECTION or DIVISION element.

Eric Bina says he didn't have time to implement the ALIGN
attribute on all the other tags, but it will be done in
the 1.0 release. (IMO, if the Netscape HTML parser is implemented
anything like the Mosaic HTML parser, it's understandable
that there wasn't enough time to implement it.)

--Joe English