Gregg Vanderheiden (
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 19:58:09 +0100

There is an increasing number of people and programs who are trying to
figure out the best ways of making the WWW accessible to people with low
vision and those who are blind. As a result, the Trace Center is getting
increasing requests from people and organizations for information on what is
the best mechanism or what would be most appropriate for users who are
blind. In order to provide them with better opportunities to get first-hand
input, we would like to identify individuals who are using the World Wide
Web who have low vision or who are blind, and who are interested in
communicating with these people and programs and offering opinions about
strategies for making browsers and other WWW tools more accessible to people
with visual impairments. We are also interested in identifying individuals
who are interested in helping us in our research here at the Trace Center in
making next-generation information systems in general more accessible to
people with low vision or blindness.

If you are such a WWW user (Mosaic, Lynx, etc.) and are interested in having
your name shared with researchers and developers in this area, please send
your name in a message to

Please note in your message that you are interested in having your name
added to the listing of WWW users who are blind or have low vision, and
indicate whether you would like to be listed as a consumer/user with low
vision or with blindness.

If you do not want to provide your name for one of these resource lists, but
you would like to follow what's going on, you can also send a message to
that effect to, asking to be put on our e-mail list
for updates on the Info Curbcuts Project.


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