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Fri, 4 Nov 1994 17:49:16 +0100

Hi www-talk folks,

A consortium comprised of The Center for High Performance Computing of WPI,
Digital Learning Services of DEC, AimTech, and The Consortium On Financing
Higher Education has been awarded an ARPA TRP contract as part of the
Interoperability Testbeds for the NII.

Under this contract we will do the following:

1. Extend AimTech's authoring products to deliver computer based training
applications over the internet. We will build on top of existing www standards
and explore if there is a need for further standards.
2. Build and host sample computer based training applications as a proof of
3. Specify a rich linking method that will allow educators and students to
peruse computer based training modules.
4. Specify a rich linking method that will allow for an automated negotiation
of payment terms for the use of computer based training modules.

We would like to find people that are interested in helping us on the following:

1. Test the software by developing sample training or educational modules.
2. Represent corporate training, higher education, and K-12 organizations
that would like to investigate this technology
3. Work with us to define rich linking methods

Thanks, Leo.

Leo A. Lucas
Vice President of Research and Development

AimTech Corporation
Suite 300
20 Trafalgar Square
Nashua, NH 03063-1987

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