Sat, 5 Nov 1994 01:11:48 +0100

I have a question. My school wants to purchase a unix
system to use for ftp/www/etc servers and other things. I
am ionterseted to know what the general consensus about
which flavor of UNIX (UnixWare,SunOS,etc) would be best to
run in terms of Stability/support/ease of use and secondly
raw processing speed and power. Keep in mind those things
because this is a high school, and even if I do happen to
nknow a lot about computers,I'm only 15, and don't have time
in my day to call tech support every 45 minutes and ask them
questions. There is no set price range (problably an upper
limit of about 7000).
Thanks For Your Time
Daniel Berlin
Student at the peddie school and soon to be administrator of
the aforementioned unix system.