RE: UNIX System Question
Sat, 5 Nov 1994 02:00:46 +0100

On 4 November, Daniel Berlin wrote:

> I have a question. My school wants to purchase a unix
> system to use for ftp/www/etc servers and other things.


> Keep in mind those things because this is a high school, and > even if I
do happen to nknow a lot about computers,I'm only
> 15, and don't have time in my day to call tech support every
> 45 minutes and ask them questions.


I think your question may be off the topic, but here's an answer anyway...
I'd recommend looking at a Macintosh solution versus a UNIX machine for
usability and ease of setup/maintenance reasons. You can set up a WWW server
on a Mac running the standard Macintosh operating system, and your school can
probably get a pretty swinging deal on a suitable model, if they don't have
one already. If UNIX is really the requirement, Apple does make models
running AUX, which is their UNIX flavor, but unless the school has access to
a machine so equipped, I wouldn't recommend it, as Apple is "deemphasizing"
this product.

Using the Mac will help ensure that whoever inherits the care and feeding of
the system after you move on will have a much easier job than if you go with
something in the UNIX world.

Just MHO (my humble opinion)...

Chris Church
SquareOne Solutions, Inc.