Re: A WWW history question

Steinar Bang (
Mon, 7 Nov 1994 09:19:31 +0100

> Steinar Bang writes:
>> Would it be correct to say that the earliest idea of the WWW was to
>> offer a single consistent user interface to different network
>> services, rather than a world wide hypertext system?

> This question appears to confuse servers and browsers. A single
> user interface is, by definition, a browser, whilst a world wide
> hypertext system, although not necessarily a server, is definitely
> not a browser.

I'm not sure I'm getting your point here. I know the difference
between servers and browsers, and I wasn't really talking about

I was wondering about the original idea behind the internet service

> If you look at the original www browser it does *not* fit the bill
> for a multi purpose browser.

OK. I've seen some references that this was the idea behind WWW, is

Thanx for the reference.