Harvest software announcement

Mike Schwartz (schwartz@latour.cs.colorado.edu)
Mon, 7 Nov 1994 21:21:47 +0100

Harvest is an integrated set of tools to gather, extract, organize, search,
cache, and replicate relevant information across the Internet. With modest
effort users can tailor Harvest to digest information in many different
formats, and offer custom search services on the Internet. Moreover,
Harvest makes very efficient use of network traffic, remote servers, and
disk space.

We have built a number of content indexes with Harvest, including an
index of AT&T's 1-800 phone numbers, an index of WWW home pages, and an
index of over 24,000 Computer Science technical reports from around the

We have been beta testing Harvest for four months, and starting today
are making the software available on the Internet. You can get to
demonstrations, papers, software and documentation at

- Mike Schwartz
Principal Investigator, Harvest Project