RE: revised proposal for file upload from browser to server

Tue, 8 Nov 1994 05:46:37 +0100

>Another idea is to use the LPD style exchange where the name and
>the size of the file are presented to the client first. Followed
>by the client actually requesting the file.

This is useful, but must *not* be a requirement. In other words,
let the sender say "here comes xxx bytes" as if to ask "can you take it?"
and let the receiver reject the file if it cannot take it.

As an LPR client author, I cannot express my frustration over
Berkeley LPD's insistence on an exact byte count ahead of time. The
alternative, of course, is some kind of "packet" scheme. Certainly
any object to be send could be program output, which size is uknown
before the transfer starts.

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