Re: Style Sheet reference

Gavin Nicol (
Tue, 8 Nov 1994 22:49:52 +0100

>> Dave Raggett writes:
>> The World Wide Web Organization is working to develop rich style
>> sheet mechanisms that tackles each of these issues and can also be
>> used for arbitrary SGML document formats, not just HTML.
>Very interesting statement about a general SGML style sheet. What
>is the relationship between it and DSSSL? Is it a sub-set? Do you
>have a document for the current state of the style sheet definition?

What Dave is talking about is surely not a subset of DSSSL. I am
currently writing up a list of stylesheet requirements, and I am also
looking at DSSSL, SDL, HDL, and the other extent stylesheet proposals
to see which might be better for the WWW. I will have an anaylsis of
stylesheet needs (and perhaps a proposal) out within the next week. I
personally feel that the stylesheet issue is far from resolved, and
therefore feel it premature to even start an implementation. In
addition, I believe that SGML Open has also noted that this is an
important inssue, and they will begin discussion on the issue this

BTW. I often wonder why we must limit ourselves to stylesheets for
SGML/HTML... but my analysis will reveal more on this.