Re: An alarming trend in METHOD=POST

Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit (
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 11:25:49 +0100

James Pitkow wrote:

> Tim Berners-Lee wrote:

>> If however the function has side-effects [...]
>> [...] and you put
>> one in your hotlist. And every day your client refreshes
>> cached copies of everything in your hotlist...

>> POST is appropriate here.

> The notion of client refreshes of hotlist items is worrisome wrt POST.

You should not have POST items in a hotlist. How could you put them in?

> Can POST really be cached or added to a hotlist correctly?

No. That is the point. Things which should not be in a hotlist use a method
other than GET, so they can't be put in a hot list. That is, I believe, what
TimBL was saying.