Re: An alarming trend in METHOD=POST

James Pitkow (
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 02:17:55 +0100


Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit on Wed Nov 9 05:42:24 1994 wrote:

> > Can POST really be cached or added to a hotlist correctly?
> No. That is the point. Things which should not be in a hotlist use a method
> other than GET, so they can't be put in a hot list. That is, I believe, what
> TimBL was saying.

One of the points made earlier was that caching/hotlisting heavily
paramterized GET commands can be undesireable - i.e. they tend to bump the
file sizes of hotlists, global histories, etc. I'm glad that you also
agree that hotlisting POSTs is worrisome - though, they are doable - just
store the data blob along with the URL in a structured format. Still, the
loci on control determining allowance of this ought to ultimately rest with
the user.

Conclusions from discussions:

use GET for logical independant tasks/retrieval

currently POSTs should not be hotlisted/cached, though this is doable

session-based transactions suit interactive tasks whereas stateless
transactions suit most paramterized IR tasks

Any others?