Physical vs. Virtual Content - was Re: Frames & WWW

Robert Raisch (
Sat, 12 Nov 1994 01:07:21 +0100

At 12:42 PM 11/11/94 +0100, Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit wrote:
>I woulds also not that,
>as has been said before, carrying over print media conventions (multi columns,
>continued on page 88 column 3, etc) to online media is a mistake. Print media
>have limitations with the size of a printed page, which is typically too
wide to
>have the text all in one column. This is not a problem with online media.

I always amused me when someone says "Oh, that's simple. We'll just mark up
our publication in HTML."

Assuming that your physical media content will translate easily to online
media is as reasonable as assuming it would be a simple thing to "translate"
a novel into a screenplay.