Are you ready? was Frames and WWW

Mikhail Popov (
Mon, 14 Nov 1994 11:10:39 +0100

I've looked at long discussion about internationalization problems inside
html documents.
We (in Russia) have same hold discussions, when porting Unix to local
platforms... A lot of ideas come at this time, but life make choice to only
one KOI-8, and it's live now (really live).Why? is reasonable question,
answer is very simple: we just used DEC-like terminals. Later MSDOS come
too, and what is standard now? "ALT-ernative code set "for MSDOS users
(reason add Cyrillic characters and keep IBM-PC pseudo-graphics) As result
we have set of code-tables for representing computer documents. From other
side, there is standard for encoding Cyrillic docu- ments (well knowing
IS0-8858-9), but at this time it has usage less than 1%.

What registry sets should support browser KOI-8, ISO8858-9, JISX0208.1983 or

I think, document should has inside all need resources for TRUE browsing,
adding extra font fea- tures to html and browsers is a good choice.

The W3 has good taste for any one who want to deliver good cooked
information about yourself!

My opinion, the end-user should have open interface to WWW world
(html+windoing browsers) for representing information. I hope, that's main
task of html and browsers developers and network service providers :-), so
just "open the door".

Best regards,