Re: News Group Access

michael shiplett (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 22:53:23 +0100

"jp" == James Pitkow writes:

jp> We are converting our Wang system to Oracle running under HP9000.
jp> We are procuring a Sun Sparc 20 as our "Web Server" (Currently
jp> running Linux). I would like to know what exactly I need to
jp> purchase for the Sun that will allow my Mosaic clients access to
jp> our Oracle Database on the HP9000 using the Sun as a gateway. I
jp> called Oracle and they gave me a $30k quote... but they didn't
jp> know what the minimum config requirement is to do this. Perhaps
jp> someone can help?

"jt" == James Taylor <> writes:

jt> If I understand what you are asking, the Sun will need SQL*net
jt> and, in our case, Pro*C to allow you to write cgi scripts. With
jt> Pro*C you will be able to use embedded SQL or (my favorite)
jt> oraperl.

If you're relying on SQL*net security for access to the database,
you may want to make sure no one can listen in on the Oracle<->web
server connection--unless you want users to change information for
each other.

Our web->Oracle interface runs over a DES-encrypted connection using
RPCs to allow updates and queries of the database. The http
client-server connection is also encrypted using the Kerberos4 patches
for lynx & NCSA mosaic.