To write HTML = Assembler ...
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 03:01:04 +0100

I've been into the WWW writing for five days and the only thing I can say
It's like programming assembler in the early days. (Miss the punch cards

Well, I can stand the cumbersome way writing the files with tags (with more
or less sophisticated editors/Word macros), but I can't agree with the way
we have to handle internal and external links (including pictures).

Changing one only location for a file can break the entire chain, not to
mention if you decide to move your files from one directory to another ...
Ones you have designed the directory structure, you are bound to this.

I'm looking for a HTML database tool that can keep track of my page
structure and the links where I graphically can design my work (like you
can in many 4th generation program generators).

Any tips of such tool would be appreciated.