Re: How about an "IF" markup construct...

Dave Hollander (
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 04:03:23 +0100

> I realize that people will probably jump on my "case" for say such
> things, but here it goes...

Jump...on the bandwagon not case.

Good idea...There are a lot of purposes for conditional logic.
We have put this type of thing into the help language SDL.
What do you see for the variables? CGI paramaters tests? Any
sort of history info such as if "x is in the history list" then
"show y" or else "show z"?

> This would probably mean that HTML was no longer SGML compliant, but
> is this something that we are really necessary?

IMHO SGML compliance is a must--why would this not be SGML compliant?
It can be done quite legally even if it violates the common practice
of only using element semantics drawn from the authors linguistic domain.

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