Re: Frames and WWW

Paul Everitt (
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 18:46:46 +0100

Not to jump on the flamewagon, but the original concept -- be it frames,
sections, containers, whatever -- would also mean a finer level of
granularity if you wanted to have locking for group editing, or
versioning for revision control, etc. If that is via an HTML construct,
an SGML construct, fine (sound of Paul, ducking the controversy).

I love the talk being generated about structured documents. I hate the
fact that current httpd's are file-based, and we are rolling out one that
is based on a persistent object store. Being able to reference via URL
(w/out CGI-type URL hacking) any part of that object would be, err, nice.

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On Thu, 17 Nov 1994, Gavin Nicol wrote:

> Now that by itself is useful, but what I think is most useful is that
> by marking up a document using well structured SGML, one can actually
> turn the document into a database. SGML allows searches to be limited
> to one particular region within the document. Think again of the TEI
> path:
> /section=1/subsection=2/para=3
> This names one element uniquely. We can limit searches to just this
> one element if we wish. Now we can make this less specific simply by
> removing the numeric qualifiers:
> /section=1/subsection/para=3
> This will specify all 3rd paragraphs within all subsections of
> section 1.
> /section/subsection/para
> This is all paragraphs within all subsections within sections. These
> have obvious benefits for searches, or any kind of document
> transformation/analysis.